Horse Back Riding in Clear Creek County


Enjoy the beauty of Clear Creek County by Horse Back

Enjoy a pleasurable trail ride and the thrill of horse riding in Clear Creek County. Up and down mountain trails that once were walked and ridden by miners, trappers and Indians to the area.  Visit old mining grave yards and old mines accessible only on foot or horse back.

Most trail rides start in the spring and go through the fall, however if you have your own horses pretty much any trail that is a hiking trail or biking trail will be open for horse riding.  Be prepared in the winter months for slick or snowy trails.

If riding with a local outfitters the experience guides will make sure you don’t miss out on any local history and will give you guidelines even if you have never been on a horse before.  Great fun for the whole family.

Local Businesses

horsebackriding_aatrailsA & A Historical Trails – Outfitters
188 Alps Hill Road
Idaho Springs, CO
(303) 567-4808

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