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ATV Tours in Clear Creek

Outdoor sports ATV riding and 4-Wheeling in Colorado is about high mountain passes, historic mining sites, scenic backcountry lakes, and fantastic vistas. Clear Creek County offers many back county trails for the ATV/UTV and 4-wheel drive enthusiast.

Please note: ALL vehicles must be registered. All off road vehicles must have a valid Colorado State Parks OHV registration or a license plate. In addition, spark arresters are required on all off highway vehicles. (This is a type of screen in the muffler that prevents hot embers from passing through the tail pipe.)

Travel only on designated roads

All off- road vehicles must travel on harden roads. It is illegal to travel off-road.

Please respect the rights of others and road closures

Private property is scattered throughout the Forest. It is illegal to trespass on private property without permission. You will be ticketed for driving around a Forest Service closed gate.  Please allow for the enjoyment of other recreational activities and protection our natural resources.

Please do your part

Leave the area better than you found it by disposing all waste properly, avoiding the spread of invasive weeds, and leaving cultural and historic artifacts where found.

Designated ATV/Off-Road Trails

The following trails are for off-road vehicles only. Passenger vehicles will not be able to complete the trails:

Yankee Hill & Columbine (access from Fall River or Blackhawk)

These roads join with York Gulch, Yankee Hill, Cumberland Gulch, Mount Pisgah, and Columbine Campground. There are also many designated National Forest System Roads in this area. *** Please note that unloading near the Boodle Mine and historical cemeteries is prohibited and the designated unloading area is down the Columbine Campground Forest Road, in the forest lands, near the Campground.

Cascade & Ute Loop (access from Hwy 103 in Idaho Springs)

Along these roads you’ll pass small mountain creeks with old mining establishments stuck away in the woods. Several residents live in the area, so please respect their private property.

Devil’s Canyon (access from Hwy 103 in Idaho Springs)

At the top of several ridges, views of Mt. Evans, Devil’s Canyon, and Clear Creek can be seen. This road is closed off with a Forest Service gate from January 1st through June 15th for elk calving.

Fall River Reservoir (access from Fall River Road)

After Fall River Reservoir this trail accesses Chinn’s Lake and three other beautiful lakes. The Continental Divide rises up behind the lakes. The roads to these lakes are difficult. You must ferry off road vehicles to trail.

Loch Lomond (access from town of Alice)

The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail follows this road before entering the James Peak Wilderness Area You must ferry off-road vehicles to trail. This road is closed off with a Forest Service gate from October 15th through July 1sth for erosion control.

Kingston Peak (access up Fall River Road to York Gulch)

Kingston Peak Road takes you to the edge of the Jones Wilderness Area and continues all the way to Tolland on Rollins Pass Road.  You must ferry off-road vehicles to trail.

Saxon Mountain (access in Georgetown)

On the way up this mountain face, there is a great view of Georgetown and surrounding mountains.  At the top is a nice interactive display.  Many designated National Forest System Roads are in this area. You must ferry off-road vehicles to trail.
Bill Moore Lake (access from Empire) On the other side of beautiful Bill Moore Lake is the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail and the James Peak Wilderness. Many designated National Forest System Roads are in this area. Parking area at Bill Moore Lake.

Jones Pass (access north of Empire)

This road goes over the pass and dead ends where there are two gates. Jones Pass Road is covered with snowdrifts nearly year-round near the pass allowing snowmobiling in winter.

Local Businesses

ATV and Mile-Hi Rafting
3627 Alvarado Road
Dumont, CO 80436
(303) 567-0717

Join us at our Family Adventure Center for professionally guided Whitewater Rafting Trips and Scenic ATV Mountain Tours. Located just minutes outside of Denver in Clear Creek County; Mile Hi Rafting offers affordable and fun beginner to advanced outings ranging from a one hour tour to multiple day excursions. Ask us about our additional activities including camping, hiking, rafting, picnics and more. Group discounts available!

ATV Experience
8604 Fall River Road
Alice, CO 80452
(303) 408-2470

ATV Experience offers 3 and 6 seater ATV guided tours in the historic mining ghost town, Alice, Colorado. Experience jaw dropping alpine scenery in the Arapaho National Forest, tucked against the Continental Divide of the Rocky Mountains.  Visit Alice, Colorado and hike St Mary’s Glacier, and other fun hikes to alpine lakes and breath-taking scenery.