Hunting in Clear Creek County

Most outdoor sports enthusiasts never realize it, but they help maintain the wildlife resources in their state through the excise taxes on fishing tackle, firearms, ammo, motor boat fuel, and associated outdoor equipment.
Known as the Pittman Robertson Act, officially called Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration, this act was the first tax imposed on outdoor sporting equipment. That was back in 1937, and its effect is seen today on burgeoning populations of whitetail deer, turkeys, and elk.

Then in 1950, the Sportfish Restoration Act was passed, and it had a bit of a different effect. The money that was passed to the individual states was used to improve facilities, gain access to previously closed lakes and rivers, and fund angler education programs.

Colorado’s portion of these funds comes to roughly eleven million dollars every year. The distribution of these funds from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is based on the land area and number of licensed hunters in each state. Sportfish Restoration Dollars returned to the states are based on the land and water area and number of license holders.

Big Game Hunting

Bull ElkHunting in Colorado is a sport that helps keep our wildlife populations in check. You can purchase a bull elk license over the counter in Colorado, one of the only states that offer this service during the 2nd and 3rd rifle season. During the 2007 big game seasons 227,262, hunters killed 49,012 for a 22 percent success rate.

Deer hunters in Colorado harvested the highest number of deer since 1997 with 98,283 hunters killing 45,026 deer for a 46 percent success rate in 2007.

Big Game Hunting Information

Small Game Hunting

Small game species profile information is conveniently linked off of the Small Game Dates and Fees page by clicking on the specific species names.

In addition, a few of these species have hunting tips provided by biologists.

A complete list of Small Game Species, Dates for hunting and Fees

Mountain Lion

Required Mountain Lion Education Certificate: It is illegal to obtain a mountain lion license or hunt lions without a mountain lion education certificate issued by the Division of Wildlife, attesting successful completion of the DOW’s certified lion education and identification course.

Hunters must carry the certificate while hunting lions. Information about the course is available at Mountain Lion Education and Identification Course or DOW offices.

Mountain Lion Hunting Information


Spring turkey season begins on April 12th and end dates vary depending on game management unit. The deadline for applying for limited spring turkey licenses has passed.

Turkey Hunting Information


At this time of year, most outdoors enthusiasts believe that their hunting days are over until fall. The small game seasons have ended or are in their final stages, spring turkey season is several weeks away and the peak of spring fishing on the plains is still a few months in the distance.

Waterfowl Hunting Information

Where to go?


ACRES: 320
OPEN: September 1 to February 28. Year round for fishing.
HUNTING: Elk, deer, mountain lion, bighorn sheep, black bear, blue grouse, ptarmigan, rabbits, snowshoe hares
FISHING: coldwater stream
RESTRICTIONS: Foot access only, access only off I-70 right-of-way.

Bergen Peak

Go 4 miles north of Evergreen on Highway 74 to Highway 103, then turn and go west 5.9 miles to Stinton Road. Then turn and go 2.2 miles east to the property.
HUNTING: Elk, deer, squirrel, blue grouse
RECREATION: Horseback riding, hiking
RESTRICTIONS: Foot or horseback access only; No camping or fires allowed; Unless hunting small game, dogs must be leashed; No discharging of firearms or bows unless hunting.

Mount Evans

Take I-70 west from Denver to Evergreen Parkway exit, go south 6 miles on Highway 74 to Evergreen Lake, then turn west (right) on Upper Bear Creek Road and go 6.5 miles on CR 480. Turn right on CR 480 and go 3 miles to property.
ACRES: 3,438
OPEN: June 15 to December 31
HUNTING: Elk, deer, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, blue grouse, small game.
FISHING: Coldwater stream
RECREATION: Wildlife observation, picnicking

  • Camping limited to 5 days in any 45-day period, except during big game seasons in designated campgrounds.
  • Dogs allowed either on a leash or for hunting only.
  • Except in regular rifle deer and elk seasons, no vehicles allowed between Labor Day and June 1
  • Permit required for groups of 25 or more. 1 group at a time.