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White water rafting is one of the most unforgettable outdoor activities that Clear Creek County has to offer. 

Just 20 miles west of the Mile High City, you can hop on an inflatable raft and cruise down Clear Creek, with its cool water and wild rapids. In fact, Clear Creek has more rapids per mile than most commercially rafted rivers in the state. 

That’s why weekend white water rafting getaways and other family adventures on Clear Creek are our specialties. Enjoy spectacular views and the opportunity to spot Colorado wildlife while you paddle along.

Clear Creek County is home to a handful of great rafting companies that are ready to set up your ultimate rafting trip today. Check out our list of local outfitters below.

Rafters brace themselves in heavy rapids.
Rafters holding up their oars in triumph.

White Water Rafting Explained

When a river starts flowing fast, rapids can form and generate turbulence, causing a frothy current known as “whitewater.” In Clear Creek, local rafting companies have found the best “whitewater” zones within our creek and surrounding waterways. 

Because “whitewater” rapids are moving so fast, they can make for more of an exhilarating rafting run. Gently float downriver or ride the rapids with fellow outdoor thrillseekers. 

Rafting Safety and Difficulty

Every local outfitter is required by law to have a Colorado River Outfitter License, as regulated by Colorado State Parks, who conduct random safety inspections throughout the rafting season. 

This means all rafts, equipment, guide specifications, sanitation practices, safety regulations, and trip planning meet rigorous standards set forth by the state. 

Safety is key when it comes to everything in Clear Creek, but especially rafting. Certain “whitewater” zones have been given class distinctions based on how difficult they are to navigate while rafting.

Classes of Whitewater

  • Class 1:  Some rough areas; requires no maneuvering
    Skill Level: None
  • Class 2: Some rough water and rocks; requires maneuvering
    Skill Level: Basic
  • Class 3: Frequent “whitewater” rapids and short drops; requires more maneuvering
    Skill Level: Experienced
  • Class 4: Frequent “whitewater” rapids, medium waves, rocks, high drops; requires sharp maneuvering
    Skill Level: Advanced
  • Class 5: Consistent “whitewater” rapids, large waves, large rocks and/or hazards, large drops; requires precise maneuvering
    Skill Level: Expert
  • Class 6: Constant, dangerous, and hard-to-navigate rapids, multiple hazards and obstructions, large drops; master maneuvering required
    Skill Level: Master

Find a White Water Rafting Outfitter

AVA Rafting & Colorado Zipline Tours

431 Chicago Creek Road
Idaho Springs, CO 80452

More Information
Browns Canyon Rafting

33295 US Hwy 6
Idaho Springs, CO 80452

More Information
Clear Creek Rafting Co.

350 Whitewater Road
Idaho Springs, CO 80452

More Information
Colorado Adventure Center Rafting + Zipline Adventures

2697 Stanley Road
Idaho Springs, CO 80452

More Information
Downstream Adventures

409 Park Avenue
Empire, CO 80438

More Information
GeoTours Whitewater Raft Trips

229 Colorado Hwy 8
Morrison, CO 80465

More Information
KODI Rafting

999 County Road 308
Dumont, CO 80436

More Information
Lawson Adventure Park and Resort

3440 Alvarado Road
Lawson, CO 80436

More Information
Liquid Descent

1896 Stanley Road
Idaho Springs, CO 80452

More Information
MAD Adventures

20 West Dumont Road
Dumont, CO 80436

More Information
Mile Hi Rafting

3627 Alvarado Road
Dumont, CO 80436

More Information
Performance Tours Inc.

1041 County Road 308
Dumont, CO 80436

More Information
Raft Masters

2804 Colorado Blvd.
Idaho Springs, CO 80452

More Information
Rocky Mountain Whitewater

1313 Idaho Street
Idaho Springs, CO 80452

More Information
The Adventure Company

Please Call for Seasonal Address
Idaho Springs, CO 80452

More Information
Close up of white water rafting equipment.

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