The Phoenix Gold Mine (Idaho Springs)

Phoenix Gold MineLocated two miles west of Idaho Springs in the famous Trail Creek Mining District. Your host is Al Mosch, a gold miner in Clear Creek County for over 60 years.

Al, with the help of his family and many, many volunteers, reopened the Phoenix in 1980 exposing a very high grade vein, (which you will see on the tour). Along with the Phoenix vein, the Resurrection vein was also discovered. Al says “The Phoenix gold ore is left in place until gold prices go up enough to pay to remove the gold. The small miner has it as rough as ever when it comes to processing their ore. Unless you can afford to build your own mill and assay office, the closest one to Colorado is in Montana.”

Due to Al’s knowledge of history this tour is considered by many to be the best gold mine tour anywhere, anytime!

Visit the Phoenix Gold Mine website for complete tour information.