Lebanon Silver Mine

Lebanon MineThe Lebanon Mining Company finally strikes the Hise Lode 1,100 feet from the portal. Profitable veins are found and the company enjoys an excellent reputation as a solid producer.

In 1885, the Lebanon is one of only 50 mines in the Georgetown area still producing ore. The tunnel reached its greatest length of 1,200 feet in 1886, but drastic silver prices declined ending further work. By the end of the decade, the mine was silent.

Today you can enhance your Georgetown Train Ride with an optional walking tour of the Lebanon Silver Mine, located at the halfwy point on the railroad. The tour takes you 500 feet into a mine tunnel bored in the 1870s. Your guide will point out rich veins of silber and tell you about early mining.

The temperature inside the mine is a constant 44 degrees Fahrenheit, so bring a jacket.

This is a walking tour lasting 1 hour and 15 minutes so comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

The tour also includes visits to the manager’s office, the miners’ change room and the tool shed.

www.georgetownlooprr.com for complete tour information.

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